Junior Year Blues

Summer is now winding down. The rains are more torrential now, and the weather in my locale isn’t what you can call pleasant. The school supply stores at the mall are inundiated with cheesy notebooks and ball pens with bright pink fluffballs on one end. That ugly beast we call school is preparing to rear its ugly head once more.

It’s been a great summer. I slept at 5 am at the latest, while my brother slept at 6:30 am. (Yes, he’s nuts.) If my time wasn’t spent in the bathroom, bedroom or in Kumon, it was spent in front of my trusty laptop. We finally got a decent Internet connection at home, and my laptop got an upgrade from Windows Vista Starter to Ultimate, and got another gigabyte of RAM installed on it.

All good things must come to an end. Now, very sentimentally, I’m trying to enjoy what little summer I have left. I’m looking to develop a consistent, if not daily, posting routine on this blog, so as not to waste the P137.50 a quarter hosting fee I pay. At the same time, I feel inclined to look at the next hurdle in my less-than-stellar education, the dreaded Junior Year.

Well, it isn’t always dreaded, but in my case, it is. You see, I just barely hung on to my Section One ranking, being the last on the list. People will therefore have this image of me as being “the last dude on the list”. I have to prove to them that being the last in the ranking of Section One doesn’t mean shit, that once the year has started rankings don’t matter. But first, I have to convince myself that.

As for my classmates, I’d initally decided not to comment on them for fear of them reading this blog, but it’s my personal blog so what the hell. My dear co-Avogadroans (is that how we’re called?), comments and wild reactions are welcome below. The people in Section One are an intelligent bunch of monkeys (no bragging meant), but sometimes certain people in that section can be quite the killjoy. If you know me personally, you’d swear on your life that I love having a good time, if only an innocently good time. I’m unsure if I can do that with these guys around. (By “these guys”, I mean a certain clique in Section One. no further name-dropping shall ensue.) I don’t mean to say that they’re uber-boring people who don’t have the slightest idea what a Playstation is. Of course, these fellows have a social life (or at least it appears as if they do) but they can be really mood-dampening.

But whatever. I’m going to try to have the most fun I can in Junior Year. I can’t believe it’s been two years since I transitioned from geeky, short, dumb-looking, bowl-head-sporting elementary dude to, uhm, normal-looking high school fella. Junior Year, eh? Two more years of high school and I’m off to college. Let’s carpe diem, shall we? Here comes the promenade. Here comes Miss Ber***** (name withheld for privacy purposes) and her über hemorrhage-inducing Calculus class.

I have many friends who looked quite alright at the end of their Junior year. I know hair-pulling and book-smashing (as well as a fair amount of teacher-bashing) must have occurred at some point, but surprisingly, other than that they look quite spiffy. Question is, will my fate be the same?

I’m always uncertain when crossing new boundaries. It’s vestigial of those younger days when I dared not leave the house becauseI’d feel weird talking to them in English. (Visayan is the dialect here, but my elementary years were spent in a strict private school which forbade its students from eating junk food and speaking the littlest bit of vernacular.) But new horizons mean new opportunities, and you aren’t going to go anywhere unless you take risks.

I’m moving forward to Junior Year. With uncertainty, yes, but also with fervor and eagerness to see how things will turn out.


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