100 Project

I thought this would be worth a mention on my own little corner of the blogosphere: a certain Andy has started this little project she calls the “100 Project”. This is what the project website (whose layout is strikingly simple) says:

The 100 Project is a personal challenge aimed at improving my art and disciplining myself in general. The objective is to make 100 vector portraits in 100 days. I strictly allow myself only 1 portrait per day (except Sundays). No procrastinating. No getting ahead of myself. The site will be updated on a weekly basis. The individual ID-sized versions with the color backgrounds are posted in my Multiply in case you want larger copies of the thumbnails. If you share/repost/brag about your portrait in your respective Multiply/LiveJournal/Facebook/whatever accounts or even as much as show it to your seatmate…God loves you, and so do I. 🙂

Her DeviantArt profile displays more of her artistic works, but the 100 Project really caught my attention. Go ahead, check it out. Prepare for considerable loading time, though, as popular URL redirection service dot.tk screws with sites a lot. Again, I say, check the 100 Project out.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I don’t know the person behind this project personally. Promise.


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