UK is now Big Brother

What’s this I hear on Engadget about the UK planning to record every phone call, email and web page sent by its citizens? Says Engadget,

the Telegraph is reporting that Britain’s Home Office is working on database designed to store the details of every phone call, email, and web page accessed by British citizens in the previous year. The idea is to have various telecom providers hand over their records, which will all go into the database and then accessible by police upon receipt of a court order. Of course, there’s no reason why police couldn’t simply ask the ISPs for the appropriate data when they get that court order, since records are required to be kept for a year, but sometimes it’s important for a government to build a massive scary database of personal information with endless potential for abuse by embittered low-level bureaucrats, you know?

Invasion of privacy much? Unjust eavesdropping much? Potential for abuse much? This is too stupid to call. Let’s hear it in the comments section. 😀


4 thoughts on “UK is now Big Brother

  1. Well, according to Engadget, the data will be gathered and stored in a database, but in order to access the data you have to have a court order. Which doesn't reduce the shit factor of the entire shebang, because it just sucks ass to know that the British government knows that you've been watching porn. Right? Right??Of course, only the Brits have to deal with this problem. I hope it isn't adapted by other governments. Well, at least not the Philippines. 😀

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