Guess who finally has an iPod nano?

The few people who follow me on my Twitter account will have read that I am in Cagayan de Oro today, buying school supplies and whatnot in anticipation of the coming school year. Well, we happened to pass by an iPod retailer stall, and I was semi-drooling over an iPod Shuffle and my dad asked me if I wanted to buy one.

What do you think I said?

So, we were about to buy the 4GB shuffle, right? Then I went over to the other side of the stall and found out that they were selling iPod nanos, too. Well, they only had the black ones, but that’s beside the point.

So my dad proceeds to ask me to compare the two versions of Apple’s wildly popular music player extraordinaire. I point out that the shuffle gives you four gigabytes of space, and can only store music (because you can’t view videos and pictures without an LCD screen), while the nano could store eight gigabytes of music, podcasts, pictures and videos, and even has three games.

After a little hesitation, my dad coughed up the ~P8,000 and I got myself an iPod nano.

This is my first Apple product ever, and I was excited to find two Apple stickers in the package. I am still debating as to whether or not I should put a sticker on my Acer TravelMate 6291, because it would probably make the computer look weird.

This will also be my first unboxing video ever! :)) Check it out. Pardon the poor quality. It was shot with a 3.2-megapixel Nokia N93 phone with night mode and flash, underneath the feeble yellow light of a lamp in the hotel we’re staying in.
iPod unboxing from Dean Lozarie on Vimeo.


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