Beyond high school


I’ve been told so many things about it, and what I’ve been told gives me mixed feelings about it. The prospect of freedom and independence are enticing, but the thought of terror professors and five-kilometer-thick books to read scares the shit out of me.

But you’ve got to go through college. (Well, you don’t necessarily have to. You could do it like Bill Gates, but I’m not that smart.) So, I’ve got to contemplate on my college life. Never mind that I really don’t have to concern myself with it since I still have, oh, around two years of gunk to waddle through, but I’m thinking about it anyway.

The question that bugs me—and countless other teens everywhere, for that matter—is the question of what I want to take up in college. A question you could ask me to resolve that matter would be, “well, what do you want to do after college anyway?”

To which I’d reply, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe immerse myself in a Jacuzzi with a tequila and a girl while truckloads of cash dump money onto the front yard everyday,” but then I’d be getting way ahead of myself. But all drunkenness aside, after college I want to work in a corporate environment. No, really. Like those dudes from The Office except with a boss who’s less of a jerk and without creepy Dwight, and perhaps a bigger, better company. I want to work my way through the ranks, from employee to supervisor to manager to whatever comes after that, and after that, and after that, and then Board Member, and then CEO a.k.a. dude who rakes in absurd amounts of cash from the comfort of his mansion.

That would mean taking up a business-related course: Business Management, School of Economics maybe. From what I know, and I know very little, tuition fees for those courses are reasonable, and depending on where you land, you could earn some big bucks.

All fine and dandy, right?


My dad has set out his “preferred courses” for us to take, and it’s a seriously narrow listing: either Law or Medicine. Here’s the thing: I’m squirmy in the doctor’s office and I can barely swallow a pill/tablet, and taking up law would mean a longer stay in university. Plus, I suck at memorizing, and reading a whole Constitution? *yawns*

Of course, I understand that being a doctor or lawyer means $$$, as well as bragging rights during your high school reunion. It also spells success, and would probably afford me luxuries I’d never imagined before. Trips to places other than Cagayan de Oro. Rides in my own private plane. Maybe one or two flashy sports cars (although, seeing as how shitty gasoline prices are nowadays, I’m not so sure about that).

I could take up journalism. Being a campus journalist, I wouldn’t be clueless diving into that profession. What concerns me about it is the less-than-stellar pay; depending on where I’d land, my income could be less than enough or more than enough. It’s just too uncertain, and I’m not good around uncertainty.

I really shouldn’t be concerning myself with all of this, at least not yet. They have this test, the National Career Aptitude Examination was it? It’s supposed to tell you what career would be suitable for you. But then again, these kinds of tests can’t always be relied on. Especially since the government administers it.

But whatever.


7 thoughts on “Beyond high school

  1. What i feel is that taking subjects is really a difficult task and no one else other than your heart n mind can guide you better
    in that respect. So , just look in to your heart and decide if you will be able to go through all the long years and could do hard work
    to get into a serious profession then go for a field. This way you will be determined and do well.

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