I've been ratified

I was checking my measly Technorati rank today and found out that Ratified.org had listed my blog in Batch Nine of their ratified list. I sadly have a 626 ratified rank, but I am confident that I will rise through the ranks. Sooner or later.

If you haven’t been ratified yet, submit your blog for ratification now! Ratified.org is a project by Andrew Dela Serna which combines Technorati, Alexa, FeedBurner, and Google stats, takes all of those factors into consideration, and then coughs up a Ratified Rank for you. Only Filipino bloggers are eligible for ratification, although the website says that international versions of the project are coming soon. In addition, your blog must be indexed on Technorati. And, yes, it’s free.

If you are eligible for ratification and have not submitted your blog yet, do so now at http://www.ratified.org/contact.


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