Emerging Influential Blogs 2008

Janette Toral is holding the Influential Bloggers Writing Project, which you can access at http://www.influentialblogger.net/2008/04/top-10-emerging-influential-blogs-in.html, and I have decided to write an entry for it. I’d written an entry before, but turns out most of the blogs existed well before July 2007, so here’s a spanking new list of blogs that have influenced me, listed in no particular order.

  1. Migs Mobile Network (http://www.migsmobile.net/) — all the great mobile news, information, tips and tricks, and other tidbits you could ever want can be found here in Migs Mobile Network. It’s one of my most anticipated feeds on Google Reader, and many of the news I’ve come across on the blog are very interesting and useful. FWIW, I would’ve nominated his WordPress.com blog, Buddy Blogs (http://migs.wordpress.com/), but that was created before July 2007, soo…
  2. Greenfields of my Menace (http://elclaves.blogspot.com/) — perhaps one of the best Pinoy mixed-bag/personal blogs I’ve read; many interesting articles you can immerse yourself in.
  3. Pacute (http://pacute.com/) — another mixed-bag-slash-personal blog, Pacute.com is the home of everything cute! Quite well-written and very clean interface; every post written is worthy of your time.
  4. Filipino Voices (http://www.filipinovoices.com/) — popular socio-political commentary blog FilipinoVoices influences how I see the different hot button topics today, and can be very useful for blog posts. I’m hoping to become a contributor sometime.
  5. The Not So Talented DJ Montano (http://delfindjmontano.blogspot.com/) — many people have said that this blog is unworthy of inclusion into any Influential Blogger list, but I beg to differ. Who can deny that Brian Gorrell, a landscape gardener from Australia, has influenced the way people think of the powerful Montano clan? I’d also bet good money that Gorrell’s blog has influenced a couple of people to start blogging. Like it or not, this blog is influential, albeit not necessarily in a good way.
  6. Blog ni Inday (http://www.blogniinday.com/) — almost all Filipinos who know how to use a cell phone are familiar with Inday text jokes, a whole new “genre” (if you like) of text jokes that circles around the familiar household help, generically named Inday. In these jokes, Inday is an eloquent English speaker who never fails to induce a nosebleed to people she talks to/argues with. Of course, this is a stark contrast to the real-world Inday, who can barely speak fluent Tagalog. In any case, the Inday jokes have transitioned to the Interwebs, where they have been the reason for many ROFLs and LMAOs on Pinoys’ computer monitors nationwide.
  7. YouGotTech (http://www.yougottech.com/) — if you haven’t already guessed, it’s a technology blog written by a very tech-savvy group of people (including Google’s Aileen Apolo and Buddy Migs). They also admit that the phonetics of their blog was made to match that of another popular Philippine tech blog, YugaTech written by Abe “Yuga” Olandres. The fact that YouGotTech is written by many experts on different aspects of the technology niche means that readers can get more quality and diverse information from the site.
  8. Bloggers da Who (http://sinosila.blogspot.com/)–a blind item blog written in The Buzz-like Filipino fashion, Bloggers da Who offers intriguing controversies about different bloggers in the Philippine blogosphere. Sure to raise your eyebrow and slap a smirk on your face. Think of it as the TMZ of the blogosphere.
  9. Jun Lozada Blogs (http://www.jlozada.com) — the weblog of the über-controversial jLo got more than 300 comments on one entry, and a mind-blowing 800 comments on another. In fact, only its first two posts have double-digit comments, the rest having triple digits. Of course this is attributable to the whistleblowing role he played in the NBN-ZTE deal a few months ago, but the influence he has gained from that is in no way dismissable.
  10. Hi, I’m Dean (http://www.deantastic.com/) — for good measure, let me throw in my blog.

That’s about it. I hope this time it’s an eligible entry for the Emerging Influential Blogs project. If you want to join, mosey on over to the writing project page and write your entry!


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