Ubuntu Linux Live CD: I Haz It

Pardon the lolspeak reference. Let’s cut to the chase: the Ubuntu Linux 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition I requested from the Ubuntu web site about a month ago arrived in the mail today, earlier than I expected. The package included one live CD in a hip-looking paper jacket-ish thing, as well as some stickers which said “Ubuntu: Linux for human beings”. Pictures after the jump.

And I didn't have to spend a single cent.

This is the cover of the CD jacket-ish thingy.

Another view of the envelope containing the live CD and stickers.

Four stickers which came with the package. Note the Ubuntu tagline:

The inside of the jacket. The flap I'm not holding with my hand contains the CD itself.

The Ubuntu CD itself.

So, how’s Ubuntu?

It’s quite okay. Linux Ubuntu has a clean interface, and it’s quite intuitive as well. I had difficulty since I didn’t know where to go, but I’m sure that as I keep using it, I’ll get used to it.

So, here’s the thing. I’m typing this on Windows Vista. (I installed Ubuntu to dual-boot with Vista.) So why am I not using Ubuntu?

I cannot connect to the Internet using Ubuntu. It’s not a network error or anything—the LED light on my laptop’s WiFi button, which is lit steadily whenever I am connected to a wireless network (and blinks whenever there is a wireless network I can connect to), does not even blink when Ubuntu is active, no matter how many times I press it. My presumption is that this is a driver problem; the drivers made for Windows obviously won’t work with Linux, so I’m stuck Internet-less as long as I’m using Ubuntu. So, I have to stick with Windows Vista for now (the Internet’s a-ok here).

To help me resolve this problem, I contacted my manufacturer (who theoretically must have drivers for Linux, right?). JFF, here’s a copy of the email I sent them:


I own an Acer TravelMate 6291 notebook and recently installed Ubuntu Linux alongside Windows on my laptop. However, I was dismayed to find out that when I boot into Ubuntu, I cannot connect to the Internet (via Wireless LAN).

My presumption is that this is because the drivers needed for the WLAN are not installed on Ubuntu. May I ask if the drivers needed to run Ubuntu properly on my laptop are available for download for you? If so, will you be so kind as to provide me a URL from where I can download the drivers? If you don’t have any drivers available for download, can you tell me where I can download said drivers?

I would’ve installed the drivers in the resource CD that came with my laptop, but the contents of the CD are only for Windows XP and Vista systems and therefore cannot run on Ubuntu Linux. The particular Ubuntu Linux version I have is Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition, and the Acer model I have is Acer TravelMAte 6291.
Hoping for your immediate response on this matter. Thank you.

I’m still waiting for a reply from Acer Support. I’d had a previous run-in with them (keyboard malfunction problem), and their reply times weren’t so quick. I hope they’ve improved since then. So, until now, I’m stuck with the okay-enough Vista. Of course, if you have any solutions to offer, I’d be  happy (read: :-D) to hear them. So, fire away in the comments section. Kthx.

UPDATE: I have been able to get the Internet working, but am still looking for drivers for other hardware. I’m typing this on Ubuntu! 😉


5 thoughts on “Ubuntu Linux Live CD: I Haz It

  1. Acer probably won’t be able to help you, in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re unsure what Linux even is! I rang Dell’s sales department (In Australia) about a year ago to inquire if they would ship laptops with Ubuntu in Australia like their US counterparts do. I consequently had to spend the next 5 minutes explaining what Linux was to the girl on the other end of the phone, not bad for a company that ships preinstalled Linux machines!If you’re looking to get your WiFi working (it shouldn’t be all that difficult, I can assure you!) wander over to the Ubuntu Forums, a search for your laptop will probably turn up a How-To for you, if not start a new thread and someone will almost certainly help you out. If you’re going to start a new thread, include the output from the following command (enter into a terminal Applications > Accessories > Terminal):lshw -C networkMaking sure that the ‘C’ is capital!

  2. Thanks, JW5801. The WiFi’s working now (I’m typing this in Ubuntu!). However, this little LED light on my WiFi button still isn’t working. LOL. I’m loving Linux!Indeed, Acer did not have Linux drivers available. Jeesh.I’d heard a lot of bad stuff about Dell, including that story involving pubic hair on a keyboard of a laptop which Dell had just shipped back to its owner after repairs. LOL

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