Hillary, Meet the White Flag

I watched Hillary Clinton address her supporters in New York just minutes ago, and just like everyone predicted, she refused to concede to rival Barack Obama. She says she “won’t make any decisions tonight”, and will consult with party leaders and supporters on what to do next.

How about raise the white flag and face the music? Is that a good suggestion? CNN, among other news organizations, has predicted that Obama has acquired the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination. He now has more than 2,130 delegates on his side, well more than the 2,118 needed to nominate.

Yet, Hillary still refuses to concede. At least, not on her own. She urged her supporters to go to her website and tell her what she should do next.

Hillary, meet the white flag. Photo from flickr.com/photos/davisommerfeld/

I’m not old enough to vote; heck, I’m not even American, but I’ve been following the campaign and while Hillary put up one heck of a fight, the worse has come to her campaign.

Meanwhile, tonight is a historic night—the Democratic party, for the first time, has nominated an African American for the presidency. Although I believe that race matters little, if at all, in governing a world superpower. But the social repercussions of this moment in history cannot be neglected, and if anything, let’s ponder for a moment and understand that race cannot be a barrier to anything.

Barack Obama is talking in St. Paul, Minnesota right now and he’s attacking McCain. He’d earlier said that he was proud to declare that he was the Democratic nominee for the presidency, and he’s focusing his efforts on bringing people over from Grandpa Johnny. Meanwhile, Hillary’s still stuck in the past. She’s still immersed in a world where the White House was in her reach.

That time has passed. Get over it. With all due respect to Senator Clinton, she’d be better off as Vice-President to Obama. What she’s doing is not good for the party, and it’s eating up Barack’s time and effort. Time to wave the white flag.


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