IndieBloggers—I've been published!

I don’t know if you guys have heard of IndieBloggers. It’s a blog run by Anastacia Campbell (who also has a photoblog) where creative writers can submit their works—fictional or otherwise—and get them published, offering free visibility for you and your blog (if you have one).

I first sent a submission to IB in the last week of March 2008, and my work, “The Novelist Path“, was published on March 31. I think I received a little traffic from that, and it was thrilling to have my post read by many, many people. It was a great way to receive visibility for both me and my blog.

I’ve submitted two or three more works to IB, and Stacy has decided to publish one of my submissions, “Vanity Fair“. It’s gone live on the IB site, and that fact makes my eyes water with joy.

In any case, please visit the IndieBloggers blog. Here’s my post’s permalink. Oh, and the original post! I’m also encouraging you to submit your work to IndieBloggers.

More power to Stacy Campbell, and I’m loving her IndieBloggers blog.


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