Bloggers Union: Where do I sign up?

Daniel Scocco, the genius behind the Daily network (Daily Blog Tips, Daily Writing Tips, and Daily Bits) has concocted a brilliant plan: an international bloggers network.

Daniel says that a bunch of bloggers had thought about a bloggers union a few years back, but in a totally different way: they were concerned about healthcare, insurance, etc.—you know, like writers or labor unions. Of course, it would be difficult to form, much more manage, such a union which is heavily Web-based.

Scocco is thinking of a totally different bloggers union—one that would protect its members from such problems as content-scraping, online scams, and threats to their safety (and even their life) because of what they blog about. Moreover, Scocco suggests that the union could have a fund from bloggers’ contributions, and that this fund could be used to help bloggers who are facing legal issues (related to their blogging, or what they’ved blogged about, I presume). “Ideally, we would have some attorneys on board,” Daniel writes, “counseling the members on what action to take on the different situations.”

Scocco goes on to explain how a massive amount of bloggers—he puts the population of the hypothetical group at ~2,000—could become a huge impact. He gives the example of a blogger who has been scammed by an online company. That blogger would report the incident to the union, and the group, after verifying the validity of the problem, would then ask its members to write blog posts revealing the scamming company’s deeds. That’s around 2,000 posts condemning a company (which could have a healthy reputation!). That’s a lot of influence.

I love this prospect, and I hope it comes to fruition. I’ve contacted Daniel to show my support for the initiative, and I’m inviting you to do the same. You can read the article here, and if you wish to be included in the mailing list for the prospective organization, you can tell Daniel.

(Finally, a blog post. I was getting uncomfortable with the eerie silence of the site. I’m cooking up a quite lengthy post, and with any luck, it’ll go live on the site within the week. School has started, of course, and while I had previously planned on writing about the re-opening of classes, I forewent with it. Stay tuned, and thank you for reading the blog!)


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