A day in the life of Dean

Hi, guys. As I said before, the silence of this blog is too loud to bear, so here’s a post to fill the empty void and break the awkward hush.

So I thought I’d take you guys through a timeline-style tour of how a day in the life of Dean usually goes, just so you see how crazy the world I live in is. Let’s begin after the jump.


My day starts when Mom’s cell phone rings. It sounds like someone’s calling, so my still-groggy mother picks up the phone and says, “Hello? Hello?” into the mouthpiece. I wait for her to do that two or three times more before telling her that the telephone-style ringing she heard was the alarm I had set last night. After giggling for a few seconds, I go back to sleep.


The alarm on my phone rings. I get up, grab my towel, and head to the bathroom. I pick up my tabo (sorry, guys, I don’t know the English equivalent of the word; want to see what a tabo looks like? the English word for it is “dipper”) and splash water on my body and—HOLY CRAP, THAT’S COLD! I had forgotten to pour boiling water in my basin. Okay, I’m awake now.


So I’m finished styling my hair using some styling gel from Penshoppe. Okay, now to put my clothes on.


After hastily eating breakfast, I head to the bathroom to brush. Having gotten braces, it’s harder for me to brush my pearly whites. After I’ve made sure every single bit of rice, meat, and who-knows-what has been taken off, I head upstairs to collect my allowance. I’m off to school.


Crap, classes have started. Well, not really—we haven’t greeted Sir Agustin a good morning yet. Anyway, three seconds after I’ve set my bag down, my classmate blurts out, “Dean, have you done your Social Studies homework?” [Cue: Sad Trombone] I hurriedly start copying my homework off my classmate (who thankfully doesn’t seem to mind).


Our group finished presenting our (lame) interpretation of Noel Cabangon’s Kanlungan.


So it looks like we’re going to be discussing Geography this week in Social Studies. Awesome. I coughed up ?20 (~$0.50) for a world map and a blank map, though.


Mathematics time. I’ve got a bucket in case my nose starts bleeding from all the equations.


“Goodbye, Ma’am!” Mathematics time over; I received ten recitation points! (Would’ve been 12, if only I’d raised my hand and answered “I don’t know, ma’am” to one of the questions.) English is next; probably one of the least painless subjects we have.


Nothing much in English. We just discussed the real-world implications of this poem. [Side topic: in today’s world, which do you think is more comfortable? Leading a simplistic life, or a complex one?]


*Mr. Bean grunt* looks like we’re in for another Chemistry test. Hands up if you despise having to convert between SI and Imperial units.


Finally, I’m going home… about time, my stomach’s complaining already. [Side note: finally, Sex and the City, Narnia, and Kung Fu Panda are now showing at the local mall.]


Every noon, at around this time, I usually arrive home. The first thing I do is turn on the desktop computer’s AVR (that’s where the DSL modem and D-Link router are plugged in), and then plug my laptop’s power cord into the outlet. I then boot into Ubuntu, fire up Firefox, and begin checking Google Reader. I’ll simultaneously log onto Plurk and Gmail, and maybe check the blog for any spam comments Akismet may have caught. I’ll usually try to write a blog post then end up deleting it not soon thereafter. After that, I take lunch, then head to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face, and pass a bill 😉 .


We aren’t having Electronics for five days (one school week), but today we’re having year-level sub-chapter elections for TLE. I wasn’t elected, which is good, because I’m borderline-allergic to responsibility. (It’s true! The very fact that I save up for domain name maintenance and webspace is, according to my standards, astounding.)


Excellent! Our Physics teacher just gave us an activity which includes a mock-up map leading to Hiroshima’s treasure. Brilliant! So it says here that we have to reach the treasure from the starting point. We have to pass by the viewing deck, and we have to avoid the mountain. Interesting…


MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education, Health) time. We’re discussing diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, the works.


Finally, last period for the day: Statistics. It isn’t a pain in the ass, really, compared to what some people may be led to believe. Maybe the misconception is brought about by the fact that Statistics has to do with numbers? Friends, numbers don’t bite. Math does.


I’m at the SPED Center to greet my classmates’ elementary teacher a happy birthday. So, we’re going home in about ten minutes. Should be no big de—OH, GREAT, IT’S RAINING.


We’ve left SPED, now waiting for a Route One jeepney. The rains have downgraded from torrential to drizzling. My machismo has to suffer a little, however, since my girl friend (not girlfriend, mind you :)) has this small pink umbrella. [Side note: “At one point pink was considered more of a boy’s color, (as a watered-down red, which is a fierce color) and blue was morefor girls.” Source]


Yay! My classmate has paid for our jeepney fare! (Jeesh, Maying, haven’t you heard of the rice crisis?) Thanks, Mar! So I’m at home now. Kiss brother. Boot laptop. Plurk like hell. Open up my blog’s dashboard and begin to write this article.


Let’s take a little break. Dinner’s here (fish; :yummy:). I’m sitting down in front of the TV and being bombarded with bad news.


Okay, I’ll stop writing this blog post first. I’m going to do my homework and get some studying done (yes, I know, I’ll try to break the Internet-before-homework habit). Clicking “Save” button now, will continue later.


Just finished taking a bath.


Finished with my homework. Let’s hope the classmates are generous tomorrow. Okay, back to the blog post. Right now, I’ve got my iPod nano plugged into the laptop and playing my songs whilst it’s charging. (I especially love The Fray, Fall Out Boy, and Maroon 5.) I’m taking some time to read my feeds, as well.


LOL. Okay, so I guess that’s it. Right now, I’m charging my cell phone, clipping my nails, picking boogers, etc. At around 22:00 I’ll go to sleep, so right now I’m just scheduling this post for publish at 1:00 AM local time (which would be 1:00 PM in some parts of the US). I’d originally planned on writing another post, but I guess I’ll have to forgo that plan (I might begin writing now, though.) Ta-daaa. A day in the life of Dean.

Wait! Before You Go!

I’ve been receiving some feedback from people who say the blog crashes in Internet Explorer. First of all, I’m not that much of an HTML/Internet geek, so any help regarding this matter would be much appreciated. Secondly, why the heck are you still using IE? I mean, really. You shouldn’t be clicking on that big, blue “e” icon on your desktop. (The very fact that you use Windows is weird, lol.) Please, take some time to download and install Firefox—not just because it’ll help you access my blog better, but also because it’s better for you and your computer.

If you wish to remain a stubborn Microsoft patron, then my apologies for the problems you’re having with my blog. I’m trying everything right now to resolve this problem. Thank you!


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