Random birthday trivia, and much love to Zia

Today’s a slow news day. I hate slow news days, but then again I hate the sight of a blog that hasn’t been posted to in ages just as much. Thankfully, my good friend RJ Marmol shared this interesting website via Plurk that tells you all kinds of stuff about your birthday. I browsed around for a bit, and later realized talking about it would make for a better blog post than nothing at all. So, without further ado, here goes (feel free to exit your browser right now if you’re not into any miscellaneous chatter).

  • I was born on a Friday.
  • John Major was Britain’s Prime Minister when I finally saw the light of day.
  • I’m 5,030 days old—that translates to approximately 120,735 hours or approximately 434,647,055 seconds.
  • Harvard was celebrating its 358th year anniversary as I was squeezing out of my mother’s birth canal. (Kidding—I was born through Cesarean Section.)
  • It had been 108 years since the Statue of Liberty was dedicated in New York Harbor.
  • It had been 29 years since the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri was completed.
  • I blow my candles on the same day as Microsoft’s Bill Gates, American decathlete Bruce Jenner and Hollywood’s Julia Roberts.
  • It had been 29 years since Pope Paul VI proclaimed Jews were not collectively guilty for Christ’s crucifixion.

Much love to Zia Bañares

Another great friend of mine, Zia Bañares, wrote a brief blog post about me on her Multiply site. It’s truly very humbling to have someone write about me, especially someone like Zia. Zee, I appreciate it. Mwahugs. (If you’re Filipino, Zia’s family name may sound familiar to you. 😉 )


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