I Want an iPhone

My baby, my sexy sexy baby.
My baby, my sexy sexy baby.

Globe Telecom is releasing the iPhone 3G in the Philippines this Friday, which means only one thing: me wants. Yes, I know gas prices are skyrocketing. Yes, I know that the “standard” cup of rice at the local eatery has shrunk.

But mewants the iPhone 3G.

Why, you say? Why lust after the iPhone 3G when my Nokia E65 is perfectly fine? Here’s why:

  • My E65 isn’t perfectly fine. For one, it’s been with me for about a year now, which is eerie by the way given the fact that I usually wreck or lose a phone three seconds after I get it.
  • The iPhone’s chic, hip, and high-tech.
  • It’s an Apple product, and that automatically means it has quality. (The only Apple product I own as of now is an 8GB iPod nano.)
  • Many more reasons.
  • mobile phone + iPod + GPS + handheld gaming device rolled into one.
  • Dude, it’s an iPhone. You shouldn’t need any more convincing.

My Nokia’s been very laggy as well after I updated its firmware. Its four-way navigation button’s silvery surface is peeling away (and rusting a bit). In short, I need a new phone.

To be more specific, I need an iPhone.

So, I’ve been “accidentally” dropping my E65, slamming it onto walls, and whatever else would wreck the damn thing just in time for Friday. Yes, I’m desperate.

A prepaid 8GB iPhone costs Php37,599.00. From what I understand, you would still have to use a prepaid Globe SIM card together with this phone, and I’m a Smart Telecom user (more textmates, more offers, better rates) right now. But if my folks would get me an iPhone, I’d convert to Globe instantly. Bam Wam Shablam.

*takes glass of water, spills some on Nokia E65* Oops, ’twas an accident, I swearz. I can has iPhone nao?

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