Us An Employer

I’ve got a serious case of the block right now, although I really do want to write. And I should have. Today is a nonworking holiday to celebrate our Muslim friends’ Eid’l Fitr. A couple of friends and I were supposed to write lyrics for our class’ Math jingle but the whole thing ended up with five crazed tweens running amok in the local mall.

Anyway, here’s your inspirational pic for today:

What do employee expect of me us an employer?

Bonus points to the first person to correct the above statement!


10 thoughts on “Us An Employer

  1. That “write about anything” tactic… I've been applying that rule to myself since forever, but I can't even begin to type away. I might resort to the pen-and-paper-only tactic to force something out of myself. :)Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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