I have the iPhone! (Plus more personal life updates)

iPhone 3G box
iPhone 3G box

As an early birthday gift, my folks got me the iPhone 3G this week. Woot! It’s an amazing cell phone—a computer in your palm, really—and I was literally jumping for joy when I first coddled the device in my hands.

I won’t write a review. We’ve read enough of those. I’ll praise the iPhone instead. With the 2.1 update, reception’s pretty alright, push email is beautiful (although imperfect), and the variety of apps you can get in the App Store—many of them for free!—is amazing! I’m having fun lightsabering and lightering on the phone right now.

The fact that it’s also a pretty awesome iPod doesn’t hurt, either. With 8 gigabytes of storage—as much as my now neglected iPod nano—I now have enough space to stuff the phone with my music, videos, podcasts and whatnot.

Its 2-megapixel camera is not as bad as you think. It can’t take a lot of money shots, that’s for sure, but it’s perfect for capturing the everyday memories you want to preserve. What boggles me, though, is why Apple never bothered to include video capability on the iPhone, a supposedly ridiculously easy task for a tech company that has innovation plastered all over it.

All things considered, I’m a happy camper. (No unboxing video; my mom purchased the phone for me at 5 PM, while I was having Statistics at school.)

Math Jingle

Classmates during practice session
Classmates during practice session

The section I belong to bagged Second Place for the Math Jingle competition during today’s Math Festival. Not bad, in my opinion, considering the fact that we only began practicing seriously at the end of last week. No video coverage (at least, not yet; my classmate took videos and will probably upload them to Multiply, like, soon), no pics of me emceeing at the program. Sad fez.


Once every year, the Department of Education holds school press conferences in the division, region and national levels as a way for campus journalists such as myself to showcase their talents and potential. The Division Schools Press Conference for the division to which my school belongs will begin next Wednesday, and being my school’s representative for the Feature Writing competition, I’ve got a lot of preparation to do. This is probably going to spell a busy day ahead for me. Fushazzle. The things you do for [the] love [of writing]. 😡

Obama inches ever closer to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

It was thought to be an improbable campaign, but Barack Obama’s grassroots movement for change is now on the verge of winning the White House. After mopping the debate floor with McCain twice, he has a six-point advantage according to CNN’s latest polls. The Electoral College map shows that he has 264 electors on his side—just six shy of the 270 needed to clinch the presidency. I remember checking the map a couple of weeks ago, and back then Barack only had 250 electors. If 14 electors could be gained in a few weeks, then think of what could happen between now and November 4! With swing states trending towards the Democratic nominee, we can probably see where this race is going.


10 thoughts on “I have the iPhone! (Plus more personal life updates)

  1. Wow. You're a really talented yagit, then. heehee. Not hard to imagine you winning awards, though, seeing as how your writing prowess is made of pure WIN :DThankfully I placed third during the DSPC. My fingers are crossed for the regionals. Sana I can place at least third because the nationals are in Naga! w00t!Thanks for passing by! 🙂

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