RP2010: The Election Watchblog

Oliver Robillo, Mindanao Blogger-in-Chief and organizer of the first ever WordCamp Philippines, recently came up with yet another timely project in light of the general elections, which are coming up in two years’ time. Presenting RP2010, the election watchblog.

The blog’s “About” page pretty much says it all:

The RP2010.com blog endeavors to be the poll watchdog for the Philippine Presidential Elections in the year 2010. As such, we, the bloggers behind it, commit to helping ensure clean and honest elections through non-partisan coverage of election-related news and commentary.

RP2010 aims to bring to the Web what Namfrel has been doing for decades now. Its objective is to be a watchdog (“watchblog”, as Kuya Blogie puts it) for the upcoming elections, ensure that they are fair and clean, and expose any anomalies related to the electoral process.

What’s great about it is that it’s a community effort, so there’s none of the shady business of mainstream media. What RP2010 needs right now are eager bloggers dedicated to the same cause to fill the blog with news and opinion regarding the 2010 elections. If you’re a Filipino blogger who’s interested in keeping the upcoming elections clean and honest, read this post and become active in the project.

Please get involved now, so we can ensure clean and honest elections in 2010. [RP2010 Website]


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