2008 Regional Schools Press Conference: Tandag, Here I Come

The Regional Schools Press Conference commences in Tandag next week, and yours truly will be joining the said competition.

The RSPC brings together Caraga‘s most budding campus journalists in friendly competition to find out who will represent the region in the National Schools Press Conference, which will be held some time in February next year in Legaspi City, Albay Naga City. The theme this year is “The Role of Campus Journalism in Mitigating Effects of Climate Change”.

Because of my participation in the said event, I’ll probably be unwired the whole week. I’ll have my laptop and cell phone with me, of course, but I can’t tether my iPhone without voiding its warranty. Even if I use Safari on it, my carrier’s 3G network is pathetic and won’t allow me to get anything done.

I’ll be keeping my Plurk karma alive by plurking through SMS, but the rest of my social networking life will probably freeze up. I’ll also probably have a gazillion unread items to go through on Google Reader when I get back, and four pages of emails to wade through as well. I can only hope that this sacrifice pays off in the form of safe passage to the nationals. Wish me luck! 😀

P.S. I’ve got a huge backlog to clear up. For one, I don’t think I’ve been writing anything hugely substantial in here lately, so I want to change that. There are also a few blog post topics I’ve been thinking about for RP2010, but I haven’t gotten around to actually putting pen to paper. I know—so much writer’s block for a writer. Facepalm moment. Let’s hope stuff change around here.


15 thoughts on “2008 Regional Schools Press Conference: Tandag, Here I Come

  1. ako ulit to:Donna from Region VII

  2. i think hindi rin nakasama ang mga co-representatives ko ng Region 7 sa Naga dat time ka.c may bagyo.. cancelled lahat ng flights dito sa central visayas.. sayang nga ka.c first tym in my life ko talaga na sumali sa skul.level competition hanggang regionals.. more power!

  3. I really want to go to the NSPC!!!!
    I’ll be joining Newswriting in English!
    chad booc from region vii

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