I'm Going to See Twilight [Five Words I Never Imagined Myself Saying]

If you’re a teenage girl who knows how to read, you will probably already have read at least one of the books in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, known every little random tidbit about Robert Pattinson, and cried in front of your parents to seek permission to catch the film interpretation of the first book in the series, which premiered on November 21, 2008.

Twilight is a series of novels (composed of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, in that order) which tells the story of Bella Swan, a handsome vampire named Edward Cullen, and the romance they form and share in the rainy town of Forks, Washington. Apparently, the story has not failed to capture the attention, admiration and addiction of people (mostly teenage girls) the world over. It might be the shriek-inducing love between them, it might be the thrill of being the object of a vampire’s affection, it might be the fact that Robert Pattinson is (and I quote) “hot”. Whatever it is, it’s raking in money for Meyer—25 million copies have been sold worldwide,says Wikipedia. The movie adaptation of Twilight, the first book in the series, took in $69,637,740 in the US alone [source], and that number is expected to rise as the film keeps on showing in theaters worldwide.

Marielle and I, bookworms though we are, didn’t really get the whole craze surrounding Twilight. To be more precise, I think we (or at least I) gave it a quick once-over and shunned it at the mention of “vampire”, “teen”, and “love”. My indifference to the novel was only aggravated by my Twilight-addicted classmates’ incessant chatting (squealing, actually) about the story, about how hot that Cullen vampire was, and about how they would storm the local cinema once the movie went out. (Apparently, that kind of stuff ticks me off.)

The cast of Twilight. Credit: http://www.filmonic.com/
The cast of Twilight. Credit: http://www.filmonic.com/

Well, last Wednesday, when Twilight finally moved from “Next Picture” to “Now Showing” on our local mall’s Program List, two of my classmates, Misty and Arbee (along with a few boys, I think), rushed over there right after school. It should go without saying that they absolutely loved the film, regardless of whether or not it was actually great.

So, Marielle and I were kinda like, “Dude, the Twilight movie’s out, we’ve got the afternoon off on Friday, and I miss popcorn.” We finally decided to reevaluate Twilight by seeing the movie and then judging whether or not it’s really worth our time. So tomorrow (today, by the time this post goes online), I, Marielle, Misty, Arbee (yes, they’re going to re-watch it—certified Twilight addicts, no?), Zia, and a few other friends will troop to Gaisano Cinema, buy popcorn and Coke, and get as much Twilight as we can.

Shoot me now. 😆

Well, to be honest, I’m not usually this irrationally condescending of literary works, so we’ll see how it works out. When I’m back and fully recovered from the PTSD (Post-Twilight Stress Disorder) that will surely ensue, I’ll try to write an honest critique/review of the film for you.


2 thoughts on “I'm Going to See Twilight [Five Words I Never Imagined Myself Saying]

  1. Twilight, the movie.. dint lived up to my expectations. Nothin beats the book. It is overly romantic, id dare say,though. Im happy the Philippines is a sunny place. No Edward Cullen to walk my way. Hihi

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