Sorry for the Silence

Pardon me for the infrequent posting on this blog. I’ve been having problems accessing the site from my home IP address since the Christmas break for some unknown reason.

You will notice that the last post on the blog was dated December 4 (more than a month ago) despite the fact that I was still able to publish several posts here before the year ended. I even blogged about the Valley Golf Course brawl involving the Pangandamans and the de la Pazs, but that and other posts are now gone thanks to Phailhosting restoring sites from backup without prior warning.

I’m switching webhosts now to avoid future cyber catastrophes. As soon as my account is processed on my new webhost, the posts on the blog will hopefully come in more frequently.

In the meantime, please wish me luck as I head to Naga City on February 15-21 to participate in the National Schools Press Conference.

Thanks, and catch you later!

One thought on “Sorry for the Silence

  1. Hey,You're good,dude.I'm also a participant of the NSPC, and I also experience things like these.Well, I hope, if you are still joining the contest, you will again reach the top of the mountain or something like that. haha.God bless.-Alyssa NavarroDivision of BulacanRegion III

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