Just a quick note—if you have a hard time remembering this blog’s domain (, I just obtained a new domain name:, and as of the moment it redirects to this blog. That should make it a bit easier for you to access my corner of cyberspace. 😉

I have two plans for the new domain (which I won when I correctly answered the puzzle in Jehzlau’s Who’s the Real Blue Stickman? contest).

I’ve sought advice from Philippine Blogosphere mailing list members, but you can tell me what you think, too, by dropping a comment. 😉

That’s it for now, and remember: for an easier way of accessing the travailogue of my Deantastic life, just point your browser to 😉

P.S. Much love to Kuya Jehzeel Laurente for the free domain, monies, and WordPress schwag, which I won on his Who’s the Real Blue Stickman? contest. There’s another one coming up—see a preview in the latter part of this blog post—and $50 is up for grabs. 😉


3 thoughts on “

  1. Ay, I don't know about niche blogging. I've tried that before na. Actually, this was a blog about web, tech and blogging before I converted it into a personal blog. Pero honga ano, maybe a return to niche blogging could work.. 😀

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