Rockferry For The Win

I just arrived back home last Sunday, spent and tired from a whole week in Naga City to participate in the 2009 National Schools Press Conference. I’ve a draft of a blog post about the escapade right now, but I don’t think it’s ready to be published yet. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, let me share my latest music find. While I was in Naga, I stopped by their local Odyssey store in LCC Mall to purchase, among other things, a copy of Duffy’s album Rockferry (2008). I’d only heard her once before (on either Leno or Letterman, singing “Mercy”), but I liked her style and decided to check out her album.

To put it simply, Rockferry is brilliant. All the songs in the album share a common “vibe”, if you will, but at the same time they run the gamut as well. On the one hand, you have a fierce number like Mercy:

You got me begging you for mercy /Why wont you release me / I said release me

On the other hand, you have Please Stay, a slow song that harkens back to 50s-and-60s-era music:

I loved you before / I even knew your name / I wanted to give you / My heart / But when you came back / After leaving me one time / Oh, I knew, yes I knew / That the heartaches / Would start

And then there’s the soothing, calm, lounge-type song like Stepping Stone, perfect for coffee shops (serving suggestion: pipe this song through your speakers with the volume turned two or three notches down) or just chillaxing out at home:

But I will never be / Your stepping stone / Take it all / Or leave me alone / I will never be / Your stepping stone / I’m standing upright / On my own


Image originally from
Image originally from

It takes a lot for an album to make me an instant, total fan of an artist (it took a while for even Fall Out Boy’s Infinity on High and The Fray’s How To Save a Life to grow on me), but that’s exactly what Duffy did with Rockferry. Her music might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it fits my (eccentric) taste, and so Rockferry—all 17 songs of it—finds comfortable space in my iTunes library.

[Rockferry Deluxe Edition – Amazon]

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