On Not Winning an NSPC Trophy [Excerpts from my Moleskine]

This is an excerpt from my Moleskine notebook, the personal repository of my thoughts and musings. This is more freewriting than ‘writing’, so expect to see grammatical rules observed less strictly. Excerpts from my Moleskine are not so much the organized arrangement of my thoughts, but instead the sudden, sometimes messy spillage of ideas onto legendary paper.


Just came back from the 2009 National Schools Press Conference in Naga City, no trophy in hand. I’d blame it on the time limit and the hag assigned as our examiner, but there’s more to it than that.

In all honesty, I love winning these competitions. I love being able to call myself a 3rd or 2nd or 1st placer. It sucks not to have another feather added to my cap.

I’ve decided not to measure myself and my writing on how many awards I have in my trophy  case, though. I don’t need special recognition to prove myself as a writer. If trophies would do anything to me, they’d just swell up my pride. Colleges would see them as additional pogi points to my credit, but I think that’s a bit shallow.

Just the ability to pick up a pen and write—an ability of all men, in one way or another—is reward enough for me.

I didn’t win an NSPC trophy. I don’t think I needed one, anyway.


8 thoughts on “On Not Winning an NSPC Trophy [Excerpts from my Moleskine]

  1. Oh, the experience is priceless. =p

    The NSPC was in Naga this year, huh..

    Congratulations! We know it’s no longer that easy to reach Nationals. And getting there is in itself an achievement!

    You’re right. You don’t need trophies or medals to prove yourself as a writer.

    I’m proud of you, kiddo! =) Keep writing.


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