Knowing, Angels and Demons, and Free-frickin-Writing

Hello, all! The summer has been incredibly lazy so far. I’ve been spending it either plurking, eating or sleeping. I’ve been going to bed at around three or four AM and waking up just in time for lunch.

To take a quick reprieve from the boredom and heat, I and a few friends decided to catch Knowing (Alex Proyas) at the local mall’s cinema. (They have a propensity for showing films weeks or even months after they launch. It would’ve been easier to use my torrential powers to acquire a copy of the movie, but the cinema has some damn good airconditioning and I miss popcorn.)


Here’s the skinny: Knowing sucked. The plot was roughly this: Nicolas Cage’s character obtains a sheet of paper with numbers scribbled all over it. The numbers indicate the dates and locations of major catastrophes but do nothing to help prevent them from happening. The Earth eventually becomes nothing more than a ball of fire, but not before Cage’s character’s son and Cage’s character’s neighbor’s daughter are taken someplace else by weird beings to “start everything over” (read: fornicate like bunny rabbits).

The plane crash and train derailing scenes were exciting and “whoa”-inducing, as was the fiery finale, but other than that, it was a waste of Php50 plus money for one large cheese popcorn and iced tea. I knew we should’ve seen Monsters vs. Aliens instead.


The local cinema’s got a big poster with Tom Hanks’s face…which can only mean one thing: Angels vs. Demons. The movie adaptation of the prequel to The Da Vinci Code is set to come out next month and I will be lining up to catch it. Hopefully, the MTRCB and its OA, kulang sa pansin panel will not question the ethics, beliefs, values and whatnot involved in the movie and delay its release as they did with TDVC. (Seriously, the hags over there reacted waaaay too much to The Da Vinci Code. They made it R-18 pa. Neknek nyo, dahil sa inyo I had to wait for the movie to hit HBO. It kinda sucked—wasn’t as faithful to the book as I expected—but still, neknek nyo! Rated 18?! Talaga lang ha?!)

In other news, I have two reviewer booklets for college entrance examinations sitting here untouched. At the beginning of the week, I promised to myself to devote two or three hours a day to going over the booklets. So far, that promise hasn’t been kept. I am, however, still dead serious when I say that I want to devote two or three hours of my day everyday to going over the reviewer booklets. To hell with Plurk Karma (heh, see what I did there?), to hell with Google Reader’s unread count!

*breathes in and out*

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written like this. (Freewriting, I believe it’s called?) I like it when my thoughts just spill out, and although spilled thoughts are often relegated to the care of my Moleskine, my fingers just move faster on a keyboard than with a pen. I’m as tempted as hell to go over what I just typed above and correct any awkward wording, phrasing or punctuation. I must fight the power.

*edits then facepalms*

Keep life Deantastic. 😉


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