Re: College and Careers

It's going to be okay.I’ve been thinking about college.

I’m probably getting ahead of myself—I still have ten more months of high school to plod through. I should be thinking about getting my head straight this school year, about clicking my mouse less and hitting the books more, about the frenzy and delirium of Senior Year.

But I’m worried sick about college.

You see, I’ve pretty much decided to take the career path of print and/or broadcast media. I’ve been dabbling in that field for no less than four years now, and I really feel that that is my strong suit.

While in the shower last night, I planned everything out. (aside: I seem to think best while in the shower.) I will go to school, graduate as promptly as I can, and then get a job in a local media firm (Inquirer? Summit Media? ABS-CBN?). After a few years, when I earn enough money and gain enough credentials, I will seek greener pastures (Newsweek? Time Magazine? The Economist? BBC? CNN’s Atlanta or London offices?) and work my way through the ranks.

Only one problem: The Philippine Daily Inquirer, ABS-CBN, Newsweek, Time Magazine, The Economist, BBC and CNN are all old world media outfits. These days, that means that they are effectively the dodo to media’s Mother Earth, the Anoop Desai to broadcast and print media’s American Idol. Newspapers are going to the dogs, all the blogs and websites proclaim, and with the ubiquity of Twitter and the Internet, news networks have found competition in the breaking news delivery market.

So although I am deeply inclined to become a broadcast/print mediaman, my greatest worry is that the market will die by the time I graduate, leaving me with a diploma but without money or a job.

But then again, one can argue that old world media will refuse to die out just like that—it will probably evolve to adapt to the changing times. At worst, they will probably go entirely Web-based. Maybe there will still be a position open then?

If the market shrinks to such a point that I’m financially better off going another way, I’m not closed to the idea of taking up law and working in that field. Lawyers never go out of style. Be it bliss or dissonance, concord or conflict, there will always be the lawyer to rob you of your money standing at the ready. Plus, the many courtroom scenes in movies I’ve watched over the years make the profession seem exciting and therefore enticing. Having the word “attorney” before your name doesn’t sound too cruddy, either.

I wish it were easy to tell where old world media is headed. Were the market much more stable—had Twitter not risen to fame! had Web 2.0 not come! If we were only still filling webpages with marquees, blinky text, and broken HTML markup and publishing them on the soon-to-be-defunct Geocities!—I would have way less to worry about. But since Twitter’s all the rage, since newspapers are losing readership to HuffPo and Slate, I have more than a bit to worry about.

The advice most people give me these days is not to worry about it, to take whatever course I prefer. Do what I love and the money will come. Maybe I should take that advice. Maybe I will.

Maybe I’m too young to not believe it’s going to be okay. It probably will be okay. I will probably end up doing something I love to do and making good money while I’m at it.

Fingers crossed. The future is bright with possibilities.


Props for the great photo above go to Demi Brooke.


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