Happy Birthday, DeanLozarie.com!

Today marks the first anniversary of DeanLozarie.com’s existence on the Interwho.

I began DeanLozarie.com as a technology blog but later reinstalled WordPress and made it the personal blog it is today. (See related post: “Revamping“.) It wasn’t always called “DeanTastic!”, either—I vaguely recall calling it “Dean Blogs” or “Dean Has a Blog” or “Hi, I’m Dean” or something like that.

I’ve always tweaked and changed—sometimes overhauled—the blog’s design. When I began writing here, it sported the ChaosTheory theme. I experimented with a lot of different themes since then. I even created two of my own—first, the Bluestonia theme, which in retrospect was very…ugly, and more recently, the red Plush theme, which was…a tad better than Bluestonia.

For much of its first year, the blog was hosted on PhilHosting. We all know how I feel about them. In February, I moved to page.ph—I’ve had no major problem with them since the move.

DeanLozarie.com continues to be the online repository for my thoughts and ideas. I’ve been able to freely talk about religion and spirituality, love, politics, school,  and even the mundane things of daily life. I’ve been able to share my work with the world.

Thank you all for reading the blog and being the witnesses to the ups and downs, the twists and turns of my Deantastic life. Here’s to more anniversaries to celebrate!


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