Feels Like Insomnia

Hello, blog friends!

It’s been raining constantly here in my neck of the woods for the past few days. Cool weather = bed weather. Cool weather = laziness. This week has been full of unproductiveness.


We’re halfway through the month of May, which means I’ve got 15 days of summer vacation left to savor. At this point in time, my body clock’s been altered quite a bit—I sleep at 02.00 or 03.00 and wake up at 11.00 or 12.00, when during the school year I usually sleep at 22.00 or 23.00 and wake up at 05.00. In order to prepare for school, I’m trying to slowly switch  back to my regular body clock so I can wake up early and participate in the most awaited part of any student’s weekday, the flag raising ceremony.

I think I’ve become a mild insomniac. I can’t sleep in my bedroom anymore, and even when I move to my parents’ room, it takes a while (and a considerable amount of shifting, twisting and turning in bed) before I fall asleep. I’ve also found out that my body’s gotten so used to me listening to podcasts in bed (and falling asleep with the earphones still in my ears) that I can’t sleep without This American Life or The Tech Guy playing on my iPod anymore. I tried white noise but that didn’t help. I’ve got to get this fixed before school opens.


House MD S05E24 was one big pile of confuzzlement for me since the House MD I’m following on Jack TV is Season Two of the series. One big pile of confuzzlement. And the next episode won’t be out until September!


American Idol is wrapping up. The season finale is next week, and Adam Lambert will win and Kris Allen are set to battle for the coveted American Idol title.

Seriously though, why do the judges feel the need to kiss Lambert’s ass? “Yo, dude, so listen dawg, you’re gonna be a great artist someday, you’re ready right now…” (I reckon Paula Abdul was singing Lambert’s praises, too, although with her you can’t really tell.)

I was really shocked to see Gokey go, although Kris Allen’s “Heartless” did kick ass. (“Better than The Fray’s version, better than Kanye West’s version!” said Jackson. What slander!) I feel glad for Lambert, though. His career looks slightly more promising than those of past Idol winners. He won’t come crashing back to the ground so quickly. Expect him to fly high for a considerable while.

To Lambert: when you win, try to look surprised, ‘K?


Angels and Demons is finally in theaters worldwide! Not here yet, though. Our local mall is uber-kachipan—they have a penchant for screening movies weeks or months after the theaters in Manila and Cebu have stopped showing them. I and my friends even feared that from “Next Picture”, A&D would be demoted to “Coming Soon” (because Gaisano Mall Butuan is Benjamin-Buttony like that). Schoolmate Arbee reports that they aren’t screening A&D just yet. Maybe next week.

On a  related note, I was extremely delighted to learn that unlike its predecessor, Angels and Demons didn’t strike the ire of the mighty Vatican. On the contrary, they quite liked it. Mabuti naman at Pope Benedict and his lackeys decided to stop the rage against Dan Brown’s masterful works’ film adaptations. Of course, the lack of anger toward the film could be merely due to the fact that it does not present any facts or principles that contradict those of the Iglesia Catolica Apostolica Romana. Isn’t that why they banned their faithful from watching The Da Vinci Code?

At any rate, I am pleased to learn that all the peoples of the Earth will be able to watch this interesting, thrilling story that gives viewers a sneak peek inside the Vatican and the ancient ritual Conclave, without restraint. Yay for freedom!


One thought on “Feels Like Insomnia

  1. My body clock has messed up this summer break as well. Sometimes, I would fall asleep at (pause for a while) 10 in the morning and wake up in the evening. And it's not good at all, so I'm trying to fix it. My first term's just a few days from now.

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