Today's Weather Forecast for Hades: Freaking Freezing [Kris Allen Wins American Idol]

That’s right, people. Hitler and Hussein are breaking out their snowgear and skating on the frozen River Styx. Kris Allen, the dark horse, the underdog, has become the new American Idol.

I’ll be honest: I completely wrote Kris Allen off after Danny Gokey was eliminated. After all, Simon, Paula, Kara and Randy clearly favored Adam Lambert, and not without good reason: Lambert reeks of rock and roll, what with his amazing voice and rocking style. Which is not to say that Kris Allen sucks donkey balls—he is no doubt a phenomenal artist, but between him and Lambert, there’s no question (to me, at least) who stands out.

But it was America, not the judges, who chose whom to award the title of American Idol, and with 100 million votes cast, the decision was made loud and clear. Hopefully, most of those who voted for Allen chose him because they thought he deserved the title. Undoubtedly, of course, there are some who voted for Allen for other reasons—perhaps human instinct, which moves us to root for the underdog.

Kris Allen has a great career in front of him.

But in my opinion, Adam Lambert has the potential to go beyond “great”. He has all the makings of a Rock and Roll legend, with or without the title of American Idol. His leathery get-up, dark eyeliner and freaking wicked hair remind me of My Chemical Romance‘s Gerard Way and—I will probably draw some flak for this—even Elvis Presley. (Yeah, Elvis didn’t wear eyeliner [did he?], but you get the point.)

So Kris Allen is this year’s American Idol. But you really have to stop and wonder: with all respect where it is due, who really won the title?

[Image taken from Had to crop Gokey out of the picture—sorry, dude!]


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