Ka. Eraño Manalo, 84

ka-erdyIt was announced today that Ka. Eraño G. Manalo, the Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, passed away yesterday afternoon in his home in Quezon City.

Since assuming leadership of the Church after the death of Ka. Felix Manalo in 1963, Ka. Erdie has been instrumental in the great leaps and bounds the Church has made over the past half-century. On July 27, 1968, Ka. Erdie flew to Hawaii to officiate the Church’s first worship service in the Far West and formally establish the Church there. Later on, he flew to San Francisco, California and established the first local congregation of the Church in Mainland USA. It was also during his storied administration that the Church was restored in Jerusalem which the INC believes is its original home.

By the twilight of Ka. Eraño’s life, the Church had grown beyond onlookers and critics’ expectations, with over 5,000 congregations in 90 countries and territories worldwide and a membership composed of millions of believers across more than a hundred races and ethnicities.

To the faithful of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Ka. Erdie was the inspirational shepherd of the flock, who constantly admonished everyone to hold unwavering faith in God and in Christ. He was the man who painstakingly cared for the Church as his father did before him, endeavoring to keep the flock intact, and who always—always—held the Church and its adherents close to his heart.

Indeed, although many of the brethren in the Church, especially the younger generations, never had the honor of meeting Ka. Erdie personally, the fruit of his lifelong vocation is clear for all to see: the Church is alive and well in these last days. Even though we never had the chance to speak with him face-to-face, we will always remember the unending love and care he showed the flock he attended to. I remember one worship service where the minister passionately told the congregation that although Ka. Erdie could not meet all of us personally, he wanted us to know and remember, “Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat.

The Church has suffered an immense loss with the passing of Ka. Eraño, but we know his life was fruitful, and now as we remember him, we will strive to walk on, making sure his toils will not be held in vain.

Ka. Eraño de Guzman Manalo, 84.


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