In the Service of the People [Crux Rouge First Aid Training + Other Little Details]

Oh, how it’s been so long. I’m so sorry I’ve been gone. I’ve been busy…doing stuff. /lame PATD reference


I’ve completed Community First Aid training with the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) as a Red Cross Youth member. Whether or not I passed the written examination and return demonstrations, I don’t know yet, but the experience and enjoyment the two-day training brought me definitely edified my devotion to the Red Cross.

On the first day, September 12, we got the prerequisite PowerPoint presentations about first aid, common medical emergencies, and so on. Later that day, bandaging and splinting. After dark, we participated in a candle-lighting event to commemorate World First Aid Day. I even got to participate in a simulated emergency situation.

On the second day we finished up demonstrations and had our written examinations plus the return demonstrations. Each of us had to perform eight bandaging techniques (bandaging is more or less a matter of looping triangular bandages around the affected area systematically) and a slew of transfer methods (I had to perform a fireman’s carry with Nicky, a ridiculously heavy schoolmate of mine, as the victim! Si Nicky Boy? Na-alsa ko na!). For our final test, we were divided into six groups and given an emergency situation to respond to. We didn’t do very well, I think, but we didn’t do too shabby, either. My forearms hurt like hell after the eight-man carry we performed on our would-be victim, my group applied an unnecessary splint, and we inadvertently straightened his awful (but 100% imaginary) fracture, but at the end of the day it was fun to save a life, even if it was only pretend.

We haven’t gotten official word on how we did yet, but at any rate, the First Aid Training really did much to strengthen my resolve as a Red Cross volunteer.


Tomorrow, the 2009 Division Schools Press Conference begins. This will be the last press conference I will be eligible to participate in (barring the possibility of me repeating senior year, of course). I hope I can make the most of it. Wish me luck!


I really wish I could write blog posts with more profundity, but the days are beginning to go by very quickly for me, leaving no time for me to write and blog and all that. Even my Moleskine gets the silent treatment on most days.

Per Sir Dzey‘s recommendation, I am currently scouting for a copy of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea (no moochable copies on Bookmooch, sadly) to add to my to-read list. Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol will be available wherever books are sold worldwide in a matter of hours—that’s definitely going on my to-read list as well. (Have I told you yet? The Da Vinci Code was the first novel I ever read, so Brown’s works influence many of my book choices. That’s why I read Steve Berry.)

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