Revenge of the IndieBloggers

ii-logoOnce upon a time, there was this neat little corner of the Internets called IndieBloggers. IB was a repository for several incredible essays and stories, most if not all of them written by obscure writers and bloggers. It was quite a wonderful collection, and the best part was that it wasn’t about popularity or fame, but the will and passion for writing.

Certain circumstances, however, forced the rather abrupt closure of IndieBloggers. I vaguely remember leaving a comment on Stacy‘s blog (Stacy is the incredible woman who ran IndieBloggers, by the way) asking her why the IB domain name had been parked. All Stacy told me was that she had “high hopes for this [i.e. IB]” but that “it was time”.

I thought IB would be gone forever.

I thought wrong.

IndieBloggers is back and better than ever—and it’s sporting a new name. Please heartily welcome onto the great big stage called the Interwho, IndieInk!

IndieInk (abbreviated to II) carries on the spirit of IndieBloggers, from the distinctive design to the no-nonsense logo. Entries will no longer be called “posts” but instead “essays”. Also, IndieInk will accept submissions not only from writers, but visual artists as well. (Yes, that means you, talented, undiscovered photographers, painters, and brilliant Photoshoppers!)

IndieInk will go live on Monday, September 21, 2009.

Since IndieInk is just starting out, Stacy needs fresh, brilliant content coming in from writers and artists all over the world, so if you have an old essay lying around (or feel like writing one right now), please submit your work here (for essays) or here (for photos). Remember, IndieInk is all about writing—Technorati rankings and Google PR mean nothing to us. So when you submit your work, please don’t do so if all you want is popularity and fame. Do so because you love to write.

Go ahead, submit—you know you want to!

IndieInk will also gladly accept contributions of the monetary kind. To the best of my knowledge, Stacy shoulders all the costs of maintaining the site, from maintenance to site design, so please help her keep IndieInk alive if you can.

Please send any and all donations to with “DONATION – IndieInk” in the subject or message line. Emily, II’s amazing designer and general Chief of Site Guts will apply your donation directly to the balance due for installation and etc. Because there are no ads on the site there is no revenue coming in, so without your help everything has to come out of Stacy’s pocket. Thank you so much in advance.

I absolutely cannot wait for IndieInk to start spreading the writing fever. I hope you can join us over there—it’s bound to be loads of fun.

Viva IndieInk!


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