All I need now is a black Continental

Things at school have really been busy for a long, long time now. That largely explains the silence in this side of the blogosphere. We’re taking a bit of a breather (next week is Semestral Break Week) so thank goodness for that.


Entourage Season 6 wrapped up last month. Good news: the show’s been renewed for another season. Bad news: the next season won’t be available until July 2010 (by my estimate), and it might be the show’s last! Sucks because I just recently started following the show and I think it kicks ass.

If and when Entourage gets cancelled, I will make it a point to purchase DVDs from all the way back to the first season (if not all at once, at least gradually).


Entourage has made me develop gadget envy—my mouth waters every time I see Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) and Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly) typing away on their Blackberry devices. My iPhone has taught me to embrace full QWERTY keyboards. Now I prefer them to T9 keypads (the norm in my country). Having a soft keyboard such as the one on the iPhone, however, has its disadvantages. For one, the phone is flimsy enough as it is, and I have to hold it precariously just to type. Typos are all too common, too. That, plus the incredible email and calendaring capabilities of the Blackberry OS, makes me want to get high on the Crackberry.


Of course, my iPhone is OK—battery life is a bit sub-par because I’ve had the device for a year now, and the phone sports a few scratches and an itsy-bitsy crack—and between a new phone and a new laptop, I need (OK, want) the latter more. Macbook > Blackberry any day.


Changing topics quickly, the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) is set to take place next Monday and I’m nervous. This is the last RSPC I’ll ever be able to participate in (barring the possibility of being held back one year), so I really want to make it to the nationals one last time. Cross your fingers for me!


We’re in the final few weeks of the year now, which means 2010 is coming up. I’ve also realized that I’m going into the final few months of high school. It sure as hell has been a great four years, and I’m going to miss this shit when I leave.


The results of the many college entrance tests I and my classmates took are going to be released in January or February next year. Believe me when I say that even as I write this, my hands are going cold in nervous anticipation. How did I do? Where am I going to school next year? Did I qualify for admission into any of the good univs? One can only hope and pray.


Been nice talking. See ya!


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