I passed the DLSUCET!

Classmates attempting an Abbey Road shot
Photo of irrelevance to this post, but cool nonetheless: classmates attempting an Abbey Road shot. That yellow bus is our white VW Beetle.

A piece of tremendous news to begin the New Year with: De La Salle University College Entrance Test (DLSUCET) results are out, and by God’s grace I passed! I qualified for my first choice, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (AB-POM).

I’m still holding out for the results of the other entrance exams I took, though. Don’t get me wrong—DLSU is a great school, I’m sure. However, because it’s a sectarian uni and because tuition there is far from cheap, it isn’t exactly my first choice for college.

Still, thank God I passed the DLSUCET. Medyo lumuwag ang pakiramdam ko. Results of the other entrance tests are due in a few weeks—a month at most—so my fingers are kept crossed and my prayers fervent.


“To Kill A Mockingbird” was due today, but I renewed my lease on it until the end of the week. I’m in the home stretch now: page 212, just after Tom Robinson is handed the guilty verdict that reduces Jem to tears. It’s a highly captivating read, and as do many other classics it manages to give the reader a picture of the era in which it was written while remaining timeless. Its plot is as brilliant as its writing. Its characters are very well portrayed, from Atticus and his enviable calm to Jem, Scout and Dill and their childlike inquisitiveness. It’s not hard to see why this peek at a time bygone (and thankfully so) is among the most important works of American literature.


One thought on “I passed the DLSUCET!

  1. congratz. ako din, AB-PLM. first choice ko rin. how about UPCAT and ACET? have you tried them?


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