NSPC 2010 in Tagum

Today, my colleagues and I hopped aboard the early morning bus bound for Tagum, arrived at around 10, spent a couple of hours in NCCC, retreated to our quarters for some much-needed sleep, left later in the afternoon so my colleagues could attend mass, and ate dinner at Chowking. We’re resting up tonight to prepare for the National Schools Press Conference 2010 which commences tomorrow.

Thank goodness the school we’re billeted in has WiFi. It’s not school-wide, but it’s loads better than nothing. I will probably be able to go online a lot more during this year’s NSPC than I did in Naga last year. Stay tuned for constant updates; if you’re looking for results, I’ll try to get them posted here once they’re announced (closing ceremonies are this Thursday, I think).


One thought on “NSPC 2010 in Tagum

  1. hi there (again :))

    ..so you’ve attended nspc in naga and tagum..hope i met you..
    i attended the two nspCs actually..i–through god’s grace–won 3rd place in copyreading (english) in naga and through God’s grace still, did not garner any during the nSpc in tagum..

    hope to meet you in the future.. God bless! 🙂

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