Dean belittles Lakas's belittling of pundits' view

On today’s Inquirer: “Lakas belittles pundits’ view Teodoro out of race“:

MANILA, Philippines—The ruling Lakas-Kampi-CMD laughed off the observation of political analysts Ramon Casiple and Bobby Tuazon that its standard-bearer Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro was virtually out of the presidential race.

“Did [Casiple] run for mayor? [He is] just a desk officer. He doesn’t know the situation on the ground,” Raymundo Roquero, the party’s new secretary general, said on the phone. “Gibo Teodoro is very much in the running.”

In Pulse Asia’s March 21-28 survey, Teodoro trailed Sen. Benigno Aquino III, Sen. Manuel Villar and Joseph Estrada with 7 percent.

But Teodoro scoffed at the results, and vowed to win the presidency by traditional campaigning.

“I don’t believe in surveys anymore,” he told reporters on Wednesday. “I’ll not comment on surveys. We’re going down to the barangay level, and we’re going to win this election.”

Let’s see: the campaign is in its final weeks, Gibo has stepped down as chairman of the party of which he is the standard bearer, his (now former) partymate Chavit is backing Villar (and taking the north with him), and he’s behind Erap—yes, Erap, as in the actor-turned-politico we forced from Malacañang nine years ago—in the polls.

Yep, the future looks bright.

Of course you’ve stopped believing in the surveys. Who would have thought that with the money and machinery of the freak Philippine politics lovechild PaLaKa behind you, you still can’t so much as make top three. That just makes all this even funnier—so funny, in fact, that it almost becomes just sad.

Better luck in 2016. Heck, if I were you, I wouldn’t try again until 2022. If we haven’t already turned into a monarchy by then.

Also, I have lengthy piece on the presidential race I’m trying to finish. Once it’s complete I’ll post it on my forlorn politics blog.


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