In which I babble about the presidentiables

To break my long-standing silence on this year’s colorful elections, a post on my deserted politics blog:

I’ve heard Noynoy’s supporters say that he cannot do anything about his identity being attached to his parents’, that Cory and Ninoy’s shadow is just too big for Noynoy to step out of. I say that while that may be true, it is also true that Noynoy can and should make the case that he is a competent leader on his own, that he can make his own decisions and his own name, that he has the capacity to effect such massive change that his children will one day find his name worthy enough to use in their campaigns, too. Noy has to say, “I am Noynoy Aquino. My dad, Ninoy Aquino, died for this country. f it wasn’t for my mom, Cory, we wouldn’t have democracy. But that should not matter in your decision to vote for me. I am Noynoy Aquino. As a senator, I’ve done this and that, and as president I believe we will be able to do this and that, through these and those means. That is why you should vote for me.”

Read the whole thing here; my apologies in advance.


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