A brief account of how my day went:

Woke up at around half past eight. Went to school to claim my copy of the yearbook. Found out it’s not ready yet. Sat around for a while, chatting with classmates, sharing our qualms about college and talking about other random things.

Went to McDonald’s, where I and a couple of my classmates were treated to lunch by Xavier. Afterwards we watched “How To Train Your Dragon” (tickets also courtesy of Xavier—thanks, Xav!); it was an engaging film, didn’t get bored at all.

Then I walked to church. We were supposed to hold rehearsals for this project we’re doing, but given that most of those involved didn’t show up, we called it off. We decided to play hide-and-seek. In the middle of our game the rain started to fall. We sought shelter.

As we watched the raindrops pelt the ground, one of the kids started playing in the rain. Pretty soon I was emptying my pockets and taking off my watch.

I hadn’t expected the rain to fall. I had brought neither a change of clothes nor a towel.

But still, I decided on an impulse to venture into the open and, for the first time in a very long time, play in the rain. It was the most cathartic thing I’ve ever done in quite a while.

Me and friends in the rain.
Me and friends in the rain.

I’ve been so busy growing up that I’ve forgotten the joy of catching raindrops with your tongue, stretching your arms out, letting go and just feeling life.

I’ve found happiness—it’s in the raindrops.


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