Sex And The City 2 + Entourage Season 7

Aidan (John Corbett) and Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) see each other in Morocco.
Holy crap, it's Aidan! Later in the movie, Carrie calls big and tells him, "something's happened." Dun-dun-dunnn. {Image from}

I know my masculinity will have to suffer when I say this, but I’m an avid fan of “Sex and the City”. I know, I know—it’s a girl’s show, and I’m straight (jussayin). But the ideas of frantic life in New York, nights out, apartment walls lined with bookshelves, complicated relationships, and a barely working newspaper columnist just appeal to me.

My first SATC experience actually happened five years after the original series ended, when HBO ran the “Sex and the City” movie. Critics apparently didn’t think it was great, but I found it interesting, my taste in movies being relatively pedestrian. Later on HBO started replaying SATC the series starting from the very first episode, and so I began sleeping later than usual on Wednesday evenings. (Yes, SATC is the reason I started arriving later than usual for Physics class on Thursdays.)

On May 27, “Sex And The City 2”, the aptly named sequel to the SATC movie, opens in New York City, with an opening in the Philippines probably soon afterwards. In SATC2, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha fly to Morocco for a desert getaway. There Carrie—get this—meets Aidan, her erstwhile boyfriend whom she cheated with Big on. The trailer, which is available on the movie’s website, doesn’t give away much else, save the fact that this movie is bound to click with those who, like me, closely followed the series. (Yes, despite the fact that Miley Cyrus appears in the movie.)

“Sex And The City 2,” playing in a theater near you really soon.

* * *

I watch Entourage, too, so as we Filipinos like to say, quits lang. Haha. Entourage is to men what SATC probably is to women. SATC took place in New York; Entourage has Los Angeles. SATC is about a fashionista writer, her socialite friends, and the way they handle their lovelives with a “chicks before dicks” attitude; Entourage  is about an A-list movie star, his three friends who also make up his entourage, and their romantic exploits, which they pursue with the motto “Bros before hos.”

There’s no hint of an Entourage the Movie yet, but the seventh season of the HBO series is set to premiere on June 27! At the end of Season 6, Eric proposed to Sloan, Turtle went back to school and broke up with Jamie, Drama got a holding deal, and Vince was getting ready to shoot another film following his success in Gatsby. The boys look ready to go their own separate ways so it wouldn’t be wrong to assume we’ll be following more than one storyline come June. Exciting!


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