Howto: Transfer iTunes Library From Windows To Mac Over A WiFi Network

When I got Jamby, one of the first problems I encountered in my switch from Windows to Mac OS X was how to transfer my iTunes library. Before I purchased my Mac I actually did a bit of googling and saved links to some tutorials, but when I got the chance to try to initiate the transfer I discovered that because my Windows install is f—ed up beyond all repair, none of the how-to’s would work for me.

Thankfully I found an easy way to transfer my iTunes library from Windows to Mac OS X over WiFi. All this method needed was an iTunes account, for iTunes to be installed on the transmitting and the receiving computers, and for the computers to be in the same WiFi network. This is all thanks to an iTunes feature called Home Sharing, introduced in iTunes 9.

Here’s how to transfer your iTunes library from Windows to Mac using this method.

  1. Go to Advanced → Enable Home Sharing on your menu bar, then click the Home Sharing icon on the iTunes sidebar. Enter your iTunes Store login credentials. Do this on both your Windows and Mac computers.
  2. On iTunes on your Mac computer, you should be able to see the library of your Windows computer under Home Sharing in iTunes. Then just click on Music, hit Cmd + A to select all the songs, then drag them over to the Music section of your Mac’s library (at the top of the sidebar). Do the same for Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, and Apps. (Movie rentals can’t be transferred using this method, though.)

Just wait a few minutes for the transfers to complete, and, Bob’s your uncle (heh, British expression), you’ve successfully transferred your iTunes library from Mac to Windows easily through WiFi. For more information and help regarding Home Sharing, visit the pertinent Apple support page.

I hope you found my little tutorial on how to move your iTunes library from Windows to Mac O X useful. I’d be glad to try to answer any of your questions—just post them in the Comments section below or contact me.


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