Let's Go, Phoenix!

Did you guys see Game 5 of the Suns – Lakers series this morning (yesterday evening in LA)? I woke up just in time for the final five minutes of the fourth quarter. The Suns were able to slim down the Lakers’ sizable lead and tie the game with three seconds left on the clock. Needless to say the Lakers called timeout and basically told everyone to give Kobe the ball then get out of his goddamn way. But Los Angeles’ demigod wasn’t able to get close to the basket and had to shoot from pretty way out. The shot was no good.

Ron Artest as an Indiana Pacer, after the brawl that broke out in their game against Detroit.
This is how I remember Artest. That was one fun brawl to watch.

Apparently no one noticed stupid Ron Artest manning the paint. He made the rebound and the game-winning, buzzer-beating shot. Were it not for him the game would have gone to overtime, where the Suns could have won to take the series lead, but stupid Ron Artest had to be the hero of the goddamn day. So the Lakers won 101-103 and now lead the Western Conference Finals series 3-2. Game 6 is on Sunday morning (Saturday evening in the States), in Phoenix’s home turf. Games 3 and 4 showed us just how well the Suns can perform with homecourt advantage, so here’s hoping they force a Game 7.

I actually haven’t followed the NBA for at least five years now. I only started following the playoffs when the Conference Finals began. Back when I still had the time to watch the games, I rooted for the Phoenix Suns—Steve Nash, Amare Stoudamire, Shawn Marion, Rajah Bell, and Leandro Barbosa were their starting five back then, if memory serves. Only Steve and Amare are still on the Phoenix roster today. I actually don’t know why I decided to root for Phoenix when the makeup of the team has changed quite a lot. All things considered, Los Angeles probably has a much more solid lineup. (Blasphemy, I know!) Nevertheless, GO, SUNS, GO! *clap clap clapclapclap*


My emo-ness has gotten me published on IndieInk. This is the first time I’ve been published on II, although it’s really the third if you count the two times I was published on IndieBloggers, which was the precursor to IndieInk. Read my piece, “Feeling”, here; submit your essays here and your photos here. Learn more about IndieInk.


One thought on “Let's Go, Phoenix!

  1. Emo-ness notwithstanding, it is a great piece and I’m GLAD you submitted it to IndieInk. Feelings are feelings, we all have ’em. Not everyone can write them out like you did and draw the reader right into the picture frame with you.

    Write on, Dean. You’ve got the stuff for it.

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