In Manila, Will Write

Tuesday marks the day I can officially call myself a college student. Today I bade goodbye to my hometown and hopped on a plane to NAIA, thence on a car to UP Diliman. I spent roughly an hour and a half in Kalayaan, filling out forms and stuff (red tape for the win), pausing every once in a while only to walk to the nearby Shopping Center to buy index cards, papers, envelopes, and whatnot. I will make the necessary payments and have my forms notarized on Monday, but for today I threw all my stuff in my dorm room (basement, baby!) and headed to SM North Edsa to buy things I needed for the dorm.

Kalayaan’s state is deplorable, to be honest. You’re lucky if your locks are broken—at least they’re not missing. The wood on the cabinets is rotting. Vandalism has soiled the walls, although artistically so. All things considered, though, the place is livable, because these days all you really need is electricity, running water, and, most important of all, WiFi. It could be much worse.

Tonight I’m in a hotel in Pasay City. Tomorrow will most likely be spent in MOA, primarily jejebusting but also finishing my pre-school-year shopping. Then in the afternoon or evening, I will go back to Diliman to spend my first night as a Kalayaan dormer.

Above is a picture of everything writing-related that is in my bag. I have many more books at home, and I wanted to bring all of them, but as I was packing I realized that space is scarce and that I’m not keen on the idea of bringing a boxful of dead trees with me to a small dorm room, so this is all I brought:

  • Green Apple spiral-bound notebook, where I do most of my writing.
  • Moleskine ruled notebook, for journal entries.
  • “Basic Journalism” by Estrada and Nem Singh. You’ll have to squint really hard if you want to see it in the picture. I bought this two or three years ago, although I’ve been referring to it since elementary.
  • “Feature Writing For Filipinos” by Genove. As an elementary and high school campus journalist I participated in the Feature Writing category.
  • A small copy of the 1986 Constitution.
  • “Twisted V” and “Twisted 8 1/2” by Jessica Zafra. I read her blog and just started following her columns on the Star. I’m a firsthand victim of her viciousness, but she is entertaining to read nonetheless.
  • “Youngblood” and “Youngblood 2.0”, anthologies of the popular Inquirer column.
  • “Killing Time In A Warm Place” by Jose Y. Dalisay, Jr. My thoughts on the book.
  • “Stainless Longganisa” by Bob Ong.
  • Barron’s Book Notes of Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man And The Sea.” Perhaps the best book I’ve ever read.
  • My small fountain pen collection: a basic Pilot and a big-nibbed Parker. The Pilot is a pump converter; the Parker is one of those newfangled ones that use refill cartridges. My Quink inkwell is not in the picture because I forgot to pack it.
  • Canon PowerShot A650 IS. I love this camera. Sadly, months ago it went priapic. Its lens won’t retract. I’m hoping I can have it repaired tomorrow, although from what I’ve read online it can be cheaper to buy a new camera than to send an old one in for fixing.
  • Sterling daily planner.
  • That little orange guy that keeps the pages in place when I’m reading a book. Given to me by a very good friend.

2 thoughts on “In Manila, Will Write

  1. Obviously, the conversion of UP to a national university from a state university is synonymous to decline in state subsidy. Based on the definition, national universities are NOT necessarily fully-subsidized by the state. Expect those kinds of infrastructure. 🙂

  2. @Charlie:

    1. I don’t know how your comment has any connection to the post.

    2. Sure! Screw state subsidy, screw the government’s duty, screw the people’s right to free quality tertiary education. We can afford to pay Php1,000 per unit, why should we give a shit? We’re only scholars of the nation, after all.

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