Define Futile.

I trooped down to Gilmore today, hoping to buy a pair of Soundmagic PL30s—something I’ve been planning to do for some time now.

On the way to LRT Katipunan it started to drizzle, and I realized I had neither an umbrella nor a jacket with me. By the time I got off the UP-Katips jeep the drizzle had become a torrent, and I had to wait a good five minutes for the rain to abate before walking to the LRT station.

When I got off at Gilmore it was still raining, and I realized two things: the place was far less navigable than I had expected, and I was told I was going to have to walk quite a bit to get to the store that sells the headphones. To top that off, once I got to the station exit, I found myself having to make a snap decision: should I go left or right?

To the right was a corner full of IT stores, and to the left, a few sparsely positioned buildings. I decided my best bet was to go right. Soon I saw a GoGadgets sign in front of a building, so I went in, only to find that there wasn’t a GoGadgets there. I started to panic, plurked for help, and consulted the Maps app on my phone (which wasn’t very helpful). Thankfully, someone responded to my plurk with directions.

I made the wrong decision: the store I wanted was to the left of the station exit. The rain hadn’t stopped as I hoped it would, but nevertheless I walked to Broadway Centrum, crossed the street, and stopped in the building in front of SM Savemore waiting for the rain to at least weaken (it didn’t). As I waited, I looked around, hoping to spot even the slightest sign that I was near where I wanted to be. No luck.

I checked my watch. It was almost 18h. I looked at the sky. More rains. I felt my hair—dripping wet.

I plurked: “Gah, screw this. I’m wet and lost and I’m going home.”

When I got back to UP I stopped by the Shopping Center to get oranges (which I believe to be the magic fruit of healing—not so much because of its Vitamin C content but because it tastes so damn good). When I got to the dorm I took a bath. Then I went online to see a few new responses to my plurk.

Apparently the building in front of Savemore that I sought shelter in was where GoGadgets was.

My confidence in the fact that the Universe loves me continues to grow.


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