I took one look at my blogs, and knew I had screwed up. I told myself it was alright—people screw up all the time, right? Well, I’m probably wrong. One of the golden rules of blogging is that you have to be sure about what you’re doing from the get-go. Anyway, I cleared the mySQL databases, deleted the directories and started over from scratch.

I am still unable to forgive myself for doing that. I also cannot stop congratulating myself for spring-cleaning my domain. My only consolation is that I realized how much my blogs were in disarray before I garnered a stable and sizeable readership.

This domain used to house a blog about the Web, technology and the world of blogging. However, after much deliberation with myself, I realized that since my domain name is patterned after my real name, my personal blog should be my main blog. Here you go. This is not the technology blog I used to keep before. It’s my personal blog, the repository of my thoughts on today’s hot button socio-economic topics, as well as accounts of my day-to-day misadventures.

I would direct you to my “About” page right now so you can learn more about me, but that page isn’t quite ready yet, so for the meantime, I’ll give you the gist right here. I’m a teenager from Northeast Mindanao. I’m a student of the Special Science Curriculum and I’m entering my second half of high school this June (dehydration-inducing, sweat-producing enrolment begins next week). I’m a feature writer, and although I have a hidden interest in opinion writing, I’m better off sticking with feature. That doesn’t stop me from writing about socio-economic issues, though. Not that I’m good at that. Not that I suck, either.

See my mugshot and (hopefully) additional details in my About page, which I will hopefully be able to put up ASAP. I will also embed my Wufoo forms to make it easier for you to contact me. By the way, for the meantime I will be more than happy to read any emails from you. Send them to me at Replies cannot be guaranteed, but I try my super duper best to read any emails that come my way.

Thank you for bearing with me through this revamp. I hope to be able to start filling the blog with quality posts ASAP. Oh, and I’ll put up a Web, technology and blogging blog (on a subdomain) pretty soon. Thank you!


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