Dahil umulan nung isang araw, magpapaka-artsy fartsy ako.

Yet another storm on Tuesday. The rain started pouring early in the morning, but the administration didn’t suspend classes right away, so students had to make their way through flood and unbelievable traffic to get to class.

Two sticks of Nescafe sugar-free and my last bowl of instant noodles (which came with a fork as advertised, unlike that other bowl of the same product).

And then at noon the Chancellor suspended classes and work, much to the chagrin of those who’d already gotten themselves drenched just to get to class.

Everyone went home. At three PM the sky was clear and the Sun shining.

On Monday night, UP students frustrated with the administration’s uncoordinated information dissemination system turned to Twitter to look for announcements. People reposted the tweets of @CesarSalomaUPD, apparently thinking it was really the Chancellor who owned the account. After a few tweets the guy behind the account admitted he was trolling (successfully, might I add). He/she has since renamed the account to @NotCaesarSaloma.

The UP System (whose account is authentic, unless we’re being fooled again!) tweeted a reprimand to @NotCaesarSaloma:

Renaming your account does not change your being irresponsible and unethical, a big disappointment if you’re from UP.

Apparently the guys at Quezon Hall don’t take too kindly to trolls.



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