Here’s what I have to say about Harry Potter 7.2 in iMax.

  • First iMax movie! Why didn’t anyone warn me about the size of that screen? 
  • When it was revealed that Voldemort does not use Head and Shoulders (SPOILER!!!), I started grabbing at his flakes on screen. Fun fun fun.

Try though I did, I couldn’t help but not pay so much attention to Harry Potter 7.2’s nuances. (In Film class we were taught to always look very closely at a film, examine every scene critically, look for things that may play a part in the diagesis.) It is, after all, a commercial film, for which reason I think it’s safe to assume that it did not bother with deep meanings and focused on narrative instead. Besides, it’s a movie based on a novel—David Yates could have only done so much.

I loved the Snape biography sequence! Last month I was a bit spoiled by the following post, which I saw posted quite a lot on Facebook:

The sad fact ladies, is that there is someone who loves you as much as Severus loved Lily. But just like Lily, you usually choose your James.

Oh, please. It sounds dramatic, I know, even tear-jerking. Whoever wrote this must have liked someone who didn’t like him back. But really, who is anyone to say he’s Snape and not James? What a selfish thing this is to say. #ThePoliticsOfHarryPotterRomance

Dinner was Burger King by the bay. Life’s fantastic.


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