This was today.

(Well, yesterday, technically, but time is arbitrary.)

Sat through Art Studies class. Realized I should have gotten passport photos and not square ones. Went to the Infirmary to have my height and weight measured (heavier than Katz, oyeah!).

Stepped outside the ozone-friendly environs of UP and took a jeep to Batasan. Probably inhaled much more pollution than is safe for anyone. Thought I could walk all the way to the Civil Service Commission. In front of the Senate Electoral Tribunal building, realized I thought wrong. Walked all the way back to the trike terminal. Enjoyed the vibes of chirpy old driver. Got off at CSC. Walked to security guard wearing hipster glasses. Was informed that I should have gone to the Banawe offices as all applications are to be submitted there.

Was the solo passenger of the trike on the way back, and so had to pay P30. Took a jeep to Central, walked home. Felt really grimy after what I consider to be two hours on Commonwealth Avenue, so took a thorough shower.

Watched the second set of short films in Cinemalaya: Hanapbuhay, Oliver’s Apartment, Debut, Imanuel, Hazard. Ate a piece of chicken and half a California maki taco thing at KFC.

Pretended like I know how to sing (and, for a very short while, thought I did, too).

Hailed a taxi home, wished the ride lasted longer. Papa Jack.


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