Allow me to rant about "Serendipity."

Yeah, it’s sweet and all, and the notion of the whole universe existing to bring two people together is irresistible. But if you spend seven years thinking about and tracking down a chick with an accent (or, in Sara’s case, a funny Jewish boy) even though you have a happy, stable relationship, then you have serious issues. On another point, they were, in any case, chasing serendipity, looking for the signs and not just waiting to come across each other.

Five minutes after you walk away from the film you’re starry-eyed; five hours later you realize everyone in the film was kidding him/herself. And that you probably were, too.

Maybe there is a universe that exists for the union and happiness of two people, but it isn’t the one we live in, kids. Over here, the stars may give you a little nudge now and then, but a happy relationship is the product of two people’s fierce commitment to stay with each other and work things out, not fate and happy accidents.

Fyeah Ari Gold!

The guy who played Aidan, Carrie Bradshaw’s other major romance in Sex and the City, appeared here, too. Apparently the only role he’s capable of playing is the laid back hipster with a hint of douchebag.

I took notes, both because I was bored and because I’m taking a Film class this semester. I be reading all the subtle hints the director’s trying to throw at me, y’all!


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