The second most painful scene in Sex and the City 2

Take more points off my man card, if there are any left: I love Sex And The City. HBO played reruns of it the summer before college and I followed the series religiously as if it were 1998.

The second movie’s screenplay sucked balls for the most part, but I can’t get over the Carrie-Big-Aiden love triangle.

In SATC2 Carrie and her erstwhile romance Aiden come across each other in Dubai in what seems to be a serendipitous encounter.

He’s spinning her around…

…and they’re giving each other that look…

…and he picks her up again. But as you’re watching them you’re wondering if she’s thinking about Big back home. It’s a tense scene that ends with a promise to go out to dinner, and you know (as Carrie will admit later) that she’s playing with fire. It can’t end well.


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