Entourage Season 8 [SPOILERFEST]

Ari and Melissa are separated now. Melissa tells Ari…

…that she’s seeing somebody…

…Chef Bobby Flay.

Eric and Sloan broke up at the end of last season, and now she’s pregnant, and it’s his, but she’s leaving for New York anyway.

Johnny’s getting his own made-for-TV movie on CBS Primetime.

Avion goes public, and Turtle becomes a millionaire.

Melissa files for divorce, but Ari quits his job and convinces her to try again. They move to Venice for a year. (Watch past the closing credits and you’ll find out John Ellis is retiring and offers Ari his spot.)

E and Sloan look like they’re getting back together.

And Vince is getting married to a journalist he first had drinks with 24 hours earlier.

E and Sloan hop on the plane Vince paid for. Vince tells him they can go anywhere they like. Vince and the rest of the gang head to Paris, where the ceremony will be held.

I can’t wait for the movie.


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