Questions evoked by Pinoy primetime TV

(Specifically, tonight’s episodes of My Binondo Girl and the first five minutes of Nasaan Ka, Elisa?)

  • Jesas, who told Kim Chiu she can act?
  • And while we’re talking about Kim Chiu, could somebody please tell whoever does her makeup to go easy on the pencil. Surely her brows can’t be that bushy. (If they are, I apologize for the remark.)
  • Kim Chiu, playing the formulaic rich girl, and some dude playing the equally formulaic rich douche courting the formulaic rich girl and screwing up, are fighting because he wants to change her car’s tire but she doesn’t want him to. THEY’RE FIGHTING ABOUT CHANGING A TIRE.
  • What’s a CEO doing having documents delivered to him by a security guard (or glorified doorman)?
  • Hee hee. Villain, identified by the inordinate amount of bling on her neck and the scowl on her face, arrives just in time to hear the protagonists talking about her suspiciously. She hides outside the office door, close enough to eavesdrop, and times her entrance for maximum dramatic effect. Bravo.
  • It’s nice how a girl on the second floor of a sprawling mansion can still hear her parents bicker downstairs well enough to come down and tell them to please, please, stop.
  • That’s one fashionable police chief, and one stylish way to serve a search warrant.
  • With the obvious exception of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, no one should be subjected to this kind of TV, especially while seated on the headrest of the driver’s seat of an air-conditioned bus hurtling down Quezon Avenue at nine in the evening. 

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